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Bethlehem India Agri

Bethlehem India Agri Healthy Plant Tonic is revolutionizing the Agricultural industry both economically and environmentally with regard to the economic and financial performance of crop production, nutrition, and overall yields and quality.

Bethlehem India Agri is a plant tonic that revitalizes your crops and plants as it targets the entire plant, from the root system, all the way to the petals. Ensure your plants and crops are given the optimum quality of life by misting them with Bethlehem India Agri, which is recognized in the agricultural industry as a Best-in-Class plant tonic. Use Bethlehem India to promote the health and well-being of your plants, and see the results for yourself!

Our new cutting-edge bio-based formulations not only improve upon, but surpass the standards that are currently available in today’s market.

Green Earth Nano Science(GENS), Gens Nano and Solar Stucco are brands which has been developed and created by Bethlethem India Agri(BIA) , a Canadian environmental technology company. The company motto is “Green Technologies for Sustainable Future” and it works in close association with researchers, scientists and technology companies. BIA was established in 2015 and has concentrated on the innovative aspects of environmentally friendly, but highly effective products. since its inception it began to work on a number of specific technologies, one centered on nano photocatalysts and the anti-bacterial properties of lightactivated titanium dioxide. The other aspect has been the effects of Super Hydrophilicity and the formulation of a self-cleaning external surface coating for buildings and structures looking vibrant while also reduced the cleaning & maintenance costs.

With the creation of the GENS brand in 2015 this arm of the company has chosen to work closely with researchers, scientists, and technology companies to push the boundaries of environmentally-friendly products and wholly natural bio products to be used in the field of agriculture. The company specializes in developing all natural products, like GENS Plant Growth & Health Enhancer to improve propagation and maximum crop yield.

The combination of the creation of totally non-toxic anti-bacterial sanitizers and disinfectants that are ideal for using in environments where livestock and poultry are involved, together with scientific research into increasing crop productivity using only natural ingredients is allowing GENS to become highly respected player in the agricultural research and development GENS industry.

Moving forward, more emphasis and resources are going to be channeled in the direction of expanding the range of products available from GENS. If you are interested in any of the company’s current products, or would like to discover what areas of research and development are focused on, visit our websites and

Bethlehem India Energy

BETHLEHEM INDIA ENERGY Pvt. Ltd. Is a green environmental technology company with the company slogan “Green Technologies for Sustainable Future”. By bringing together stand as well as complementary offering, we are able to provide complete renewable energy solution, sustainable water production and organic aquaponic farming. Our Expertise includes advanced technology solution, system integration, project from small captive waste management to large scale municipal projects, providing solutions that are both cost effective and environmentally responsible.

Bethlehem India Aquaponics

Technique focuses on the acrobic mineralization of fish excreta which are then used to nourish the crops through a series of engineered rhizome enriched zones that mimic the soil food web without actually using soil. These zones along with the crops and their media, in turn, de-nitrify and de-mineralize the organics from the water. The bio-neutral water is then returned to the fish environment to complete a symbiotic ecosystem. This phenomenon together with a wide array of cultivation specific microbiology, render Bethlehem India Energy Pvt.Ltd. ‘ unique Nutrient Density technology.

Bethlehem India Wastage Management

Trash to Cash (Energy from Waste)
A waste free India with unpolluted environment,

To make our country clean and healthy
To make India a brighter place
To provide better environment
To make India a better energy efficient country
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