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Gambooge, known as kudampulli or pot tamarind is a popular condiment used in coastal cuisines of Kerala, Karnataka, and Sri Lanka. Today, gambooge is targeted as a weight loss enabler, and used in many weight-loss supplements. Dried gambooge rinds have longer shelf life than green gambooge fruits and they are substituted for tamarind in many South Indian preparations. Gambooge finds mention in various ancient Ayurvedic remedies. Gambooge is also used as a preservative and it enhances the shelf life of a food.


Kudampuli has lots of medicinal values.It is using widely in Ayurveda for making medicines. Kudampuli helps to control appetite.

It helps to promote digestion, and cures many stomach related problems

Kudampuli is used for rheumatism, bowel complaints like constipation and intestinal parasites.

Kudampuli is used against Arthritis and some uterine deceases.

Kudampuli increases the immunity power.

Kudampuli protects the liver against alcohol and other external toxins.

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